• Semtech AptoVision BlueRiver NT2000 Chip for Fiber & Cat-x Support. FPGA not included.
  • Semtech AptoVision BlueRiver NT1000 Chip for Fiber & Cat-x Support. FPGA not included.
  • Semtech AptoVision BlueRiver NT2000 Chip for Cat-x Support. FPGA not included.


Semtech AptoVision BlueRiver NT2000 Chip for Cat-x support. FPGA not included.

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AptoVision’s award-winning BlueRiver NT+ Series is the world’s first family of chipsets designed from the ground up to efficiently and cost-effectively address all of the requirements of the professional AV market. The full-featured BlueRiver NT2000 includes Plethora Engine for in-line pixel processing. BlueRiver NT1000 is a scaled-down implementation designed for simple matrix switching and AV or KVM extension applications where complex video processing is not required. This lower cost chipset lets manufacturers offer a complete AV-over-IP product line at a variety of price points. It also enables the creation of endpoints (encoders and decoders) with much smaller footprints, making them ideal for installations where saving space is a priority.

Endpoints created using BlueRiver NT2000 and BlueRiver NT1000 chipsets, and controlled using software developed with BlueRiver API, are fully compatible. System designers have a broad toolkit they can use to create very efficient and cost-effective networks using only the functionality required at each node for deployments in education, healthcare, enterprise, entertainment, hospitality, retail, houses of worship, government, military, industry and security – wherever the need for uncompromised zero-latency 4K video arises.

Key features of BlueRiver NT+ Series

  • True 4K/60 4:4:4 and HDR
  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2
  • Instant, seamless switching
  • Independent breakaway switching
  • Extension up to 100 m (cat-x) or 30 km (fiber)
  • IP based switching with zero-frame latency
  • Additional features of BlueRiver NT2000 (with Plethora Engine)
  • Broadcast quality scaling
  • Multi-source video compositing
  • Video wall processing with bezel correction
  • Audio embedding, de-embedding, down-mixing

Using a synchronous, packet-based architecture for pixel transmission, BlueRiver NT+ chipsets can extend and independently switch video, audio, gigabit Ethernet, and other control signals through off-the-shelf Ethernet switches. Replacing custom AV matrix switches with standard networking hardware cuts the cost and size of equipment by 60% while eliminating R&D costs, reducing time-to-market, and lowering inventory risk. BlueRiver NT+ chipsets are easily integrated into OEM designs for AV/KVM extension, AV/KVM switching, multi-view, and video-wall applications. Ready-to-manufacture reference designs are available for qualified customers.

Benefits of IP Switching

The ability to use off-the-shelf Ethernet switches for AV matrix switching has numerous benefits including:

  • Unprecedented cost savings: Ethernet switches cost up to 90% less per port than custom AV switches and this cost continues to decline. Moreover, manufacturers can save on R&D costs associated with developing multiple switch frame sizes, and instead focus on a portfolio of feature-rich endpoints.
  • Increased I/O flexibility: Ethernet ports are fully bi-directional so each port may be treated as an AV input or AV output. I/O Ports of custom AV switches are dedicated as either input or output, usually with an equal input to output ratio on the chassis. This commonly results in many unused ports.
  • Built-in scalability and future-proofing: High bandwidth up-links on Ethernet switches allow easy expansion beyond the capacity of the initially installed switch. Custom AV switches must be completely replaced when their I/O count is exceeded.
  • Unmatched I/O density: Ethernet switches deliver 48 ports or more per 1U of rack space. Custom AV switches consume four times as much space, and often more.
  • Shared Infrastructure: As a standard LAN backbone, other networking gear can be used on the 10G AV network eliminating the need to install and maintain independent AV and data networks. BlueRiver NT+ allows a full gigabit channel to be reserved for data traffic, ensuring no bottlenecks.
  • Widely available control software: Decades of pre-existing R&D for LAN monitoring and control can be leveraged for AV switching without the need to develop custom control software.

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  • Extension, IP switching, and processing of
    • Digital video up to 4K/60/4:4:4 (594 MHz) & HDR
    • HDMI multi-channel digital audio & analog audio
    • 10/100/1G Ethernet (internal GbE switch)
    • Bidirectional RS-232, IR, & USB 2.0
  • Plethora Engine for inline AV signal processing
    • Broadcast quality scaling engine optimized for video, graphics, and text quality
    • Light compression (1.4:1), used for select ultra-high resolutions, is mathematically lossless for most content
    • Seamless switching, regardless of source resolution, ensures instant, glitch-free operation
    • Multi-source video compositing to enable multi-view, PIP, and PAP applications
    • Video splitting and bezel correction to enable N×M video wall applications
    • Multi-channel audio down-mixing, embedding, and de-embedding between digital and analog audio I/Os
    • Colorspace conversion, frame-rate conversion, and audio resampling
  • Independent, breakaway routing of each signal type (audio, video, data, control) through standard Ethernet switches
  • 2-line latency (zero-frame) in most operating modes. 1-2 frame latency in frame buffer modes
  • Point-to-point extension to 100 meters on category cable, or 30 kilometers on fiber
  • Fully HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4 and DVI 2.0 compliant
  • HDCP 2.2 / HDCP 1.2 digital content protection
  • All 3D video modes including frame packing, top-bottom, field/line alternative, side-by-side, and 2D + Depth
  • Compatible with PCs, Blu-ray, DVD and media players, set-top-boxes, AV receivers, and gaming consoles
  • Ready-to-manufacture reference designs, BOMs, and metal enclosures for transmitter and receiver


  • Matrix switching with infinitely flexible I/O configurations: say goodbye to wasted empty card slots
  • Ultra-long distance analog or digital AV and KVM extenders: an unmatched 250 meters over category cable
  • Multi-viewers, scalers, and video-walls: the Plethora Engine delivers all this functionality at every endpoint eliminating the need for complex and costly external hardware.
  • Compatible with PCs, Blu-ray, DVD & media players, set-top-boxes, AV receivers & gaming consoles
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