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Semtech Inside Circuit is a semi-annual e-newsletter featuring product updates, design tips, and special events related to Semtech solutions for Power Management, ESD Protection, Wireless RF, Sensing, Telecom & Datacom SerDes, Test/Measurement and other product areas. Read past issues from the summaries and links below.

Inside Circuit Issue 16 (7/2015)

The latest issue of Inside Circuit brings you some brand new product highlights from our recenly launched video series called "Techbrief @ Semtech". Watch quick summaries for new TVS and Broadcast video products. In addition, this issue provides you with the latest product news from all our product lines, including breakthrough Optical solutions for 100G and SFP28 applications as well as the latest announcements for Power, Management, Circuit Protection, and Video. Also, numerous updates for the exciting Internet of Things (IoT) and Semtech's LoRa™ wireless RF platform. As usual, you'll also be able to read published articles highlighting some of Semtech's key technical initiatives and how these solutions are helping our customers.
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Inside Circuit Issue 15 (12/2014)

This issue of Inside Circuit covers several new product developments across our diverse technologies. Most noteworthy in this release is the exciting news for Semtech on the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT): Learn how our LoRa™ wireless RF technology is taking the industry by storm as top suppliers announce LoRa as their solution of choice. Plus, the LoRa wireless platform's high reception and key partnerships at key electronics shows builds momentum even further. Additionally, this installment is filled with articles discussing the latest in the importance of ESD protection and how the future of long-range RF is unfolding with Semtech as the go-to platform. This issue also gives you convenient access to our up-to-date solutions guides for all our product groups.
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Inside Circuit Issue 14 (6/2014)

In this latest issue of Inside Circuit discover how Semtech is helping bring to life some of significant technology trends. Most notable are the trends for small, wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Through informative articles, Semtech engineers provide information and data to help you in your designs and planning. Also, check out fresh, new product guides for Broadcast Video, Circuit Protection, Optical products, Power Management, Wireless & RF and more. See the latest news regarding Semtech's LoRa™ Long-Range wireless solution and get up to speed on the significant of this robust, cost-saving wireless technology.
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Inside Circuit Issue 13 (1/2014)

The long-awaited issue of Inside Circuit gets you up-to-speed on some of Semtech's latest solutions and applications. You can delve into Semtech's LoRa™ Long-Range wireless solution and learn the key features and benefits of the ultimate long range wireless transceivers. Also, get acquainted with the many solutions available for automotive designs from Power, Protection, Networking and more. Also, highlighted are the newest parts released for Power Management, Broadcast Video, Telecom, Datacom and Networking.
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Inside Circuit Issue 12 (10/2012)

In this issue of Inside Circuit you'll find information about the new Semtech Gennum product lines (Optical products and Broadcast Video). Also included are ground-breaking products such as a buck regulator that eliminates the need for discrete inductors, a best in class 51.0 Gbps SerDes for ultra-long haul applications, and the launch of the first sub-GHz multi-mode PHY wireless transceiver. Plus, you'll find quick links to the latest product selector guides for all Semtech products and technologies.
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Inside Circuit Issue 11 (11/2011)

This issue of Inside Circuit highlights several new product releases for power management; such as a multi-stage timer designed to improve Li-Ion battery safety and functionality, and a first-of-its-kind LED driver used for ultra-thin displays. Also covered in Issue 11 is Semtech's new family of resistive and capacitive touch platforms called 4D. These solutions feature controllers that enable proximity detection, multi-touch gestures, and advanced haptics control on any panel, as well as robust on-chip ESD protection in a small footprint. Get the entire scoop about Semtech's 4D TouchTM parts and download the full design guide. Additionally, a link is provided to the newly published Semtech product catalog where you can find a quick overview for all the hottest new products from Semtech. Finally, view a high quality video about Semtech's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Reynosa, Mexico.
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Inside Circuit Issue 10 (5/2011)

Issue number ten of Inside Circuit offers news and a broad array of other special materials such as updated collateral, videos, a published article and a new online tool all released in the first half of 2011. Key product releases include Semtech's expanding EcoSpeed® DC-DC converter platform, optical network solutions from its Telecom & Datacom SerDes group, and new innovative parts coming from Wireless & RF. This issue also showcases links to special videos: an interview discussing embedded power management applications and a video demonstration of Semtech's SC668 light management unit. Finally, you'll find updates to key product collateral for both power and circuit protection as well as links to a new power management product cross-reference tool and an article covering ESD protection for high-speed ports on smart TVs.
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Inside Circuit Issue 9 (12/2010)

Issue number nine of Inside Circuit includes key Semtech news and highlights covering the second half of 2010. Articles cover Semtech's latest product releases and technologies in Power Management, Touch Interface, Analog Controllers & Sensors, and Wireless & RF systems. Highlights include new parts in Semtech's expanding EcoSpeed® DC-DC converter platform, solutions for proximity sensing technology, a new circuit protection design guide and a new Databook release for Semtech's high reliability semiconductor products.
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Inside Circuit Issue 8 (6/2010)

Issue number eight of Inside Circuit brings you one of the fullest collections ever of Semtech news and highlights covering the first half of 2010. As usual, several special articles are included detailing some of Semtech's latest innovative methods and developments in Power, Circuit Protection (TVS) and Wireless & RF technologies. This edition is also packed with announcements and profiles of the company's most recent, cutting edge products and platforms. Highlights include Semtech's new EcoSpeed® DC-DC converter platform, a new circuit protection design guide for telecom interfaces, plus new product launch information and news in IO Expanders, Sensors and Signal Conditioners, Wireless & RF and Discrete Semiconductors. Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 7 (1/2010)

Issue number seven of Inside Circuit delivers you several eye-opening articles covering a variety of topics. You'll find highlights of some of Semtech's most advanced new products over the last couple of quarters. Informative articles, which have been featured in prominent publications, include topics such as using the digital modulation specification to increase the output power for ISM band radios as well as developing test instrument software to automate test equipment. Read about our key product launches that introduce new technologies or extend current capabilities in the areas of Power Management, Circuit Protection and Wireless & RF. Check out these and more at the following link Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 6 (7/2009)

Issue number six of Inside Circuit includes links to online tutorials, industry articles, and information on our latest products and product catalogs. In our feature articles you will learn how power management is used to create energy efficient white goods, and how transient voltage suppression safeguards Power over Ethernet circuits from differential mode transients. Our online tutorials will also provide you with an overview of why you need transient voltage protection, and how the Semtech ToPSync platform can help solve your network synchronization dilemma. In addition, you will be able to download our new Power Management IC selector guide and updated catalogs for our Power Discrete parts. Check out these and more at the following link Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 5 (3/2009)

Issue number five of Inside Circuit comes packed with valuable learning material and information on the most recent products and technologies from Semtech. Expand your education by reading published works on point of load regulation developments, powering FPGAs practices, and protecting all your set top box interfaces from ESD and cable discharge events. Plus, take an online tutorial about RF transmitters. Semtech's latest products include a highly efficient 10A synchronous buck converter, a TVS device to protect both your USB port and VBus line, and a new highly integrated ISM band transmitter. Find out about these and much more by viewing the entire e-newsletter online: Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 4 (10/2008)

In issue number four of Inside Circuit, you'll find a wealth of information from many of our product areas, including Wireless and Sensing, Circuit Protection, and Advanced Communication. Read about Semtech's new ToPSync™ (Timing-over-packet Synchronization) Technology and see how you can get precision timing in wireless backhaul networks. You may also be interested in reading our featured article about safeguarding your Ethernet interfaces from cable discharges. Many more articles and application notes are available by visiting the complete e-newsletter: Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 3 (6/2008)

This issue of Inside Circuit provides information on the latest product releases from our Power Management and Circuit Protection product groups, including the industry's first Li+ chargers in 2x2mm and TVS device for sensitive DSL line drivers. Also, read an article published in EETimes online regarding DisplayPort ESD and CDE Protection for Version 1.1a Compliance. In Wireless and Sensing you'll find a useful paper developed to help you understand pressure measuring and sensor signal conditioning, plus a guide to FCC Regulations for ISM Band Devices: 902 - 928 MHz. Check out these and more at the following link: Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 2 (2/2008)

In this second issue of Inside Circuit you'll find several topics covering each of our product and technology categories. Featured articles include a primer on how to achieve the highest resolution from low cost sensors using Semtech ZoomingADC™ technology. Also in this issue, a paper describing the best solutions for protecting DisplayPort links against ESD. Additionally, this issue provides a new power management solutions guide for Altera® FPGAs. These are just a few of the articles and papers included this quarter. Go to full e-Newsletter >>

Inside Circuit Issue 1 (11/2007)

Inside Circuit's inaugural issue features informative articles and links covering Power Management, Circuit Protection and Wireless and Sensing topics. In Power, learn about optimal battery designs in portable application, our new ultra-small and highly programmable charge pump family, plus design tools and guides that we now make available for you. For Protection, find information related to ESD in HDMI 1.3 and off-chip protection solutions, as well as the latest solutions for protecting your slim application and Telecom/Networking devices. Wireless and Sensing introduces a new ISM transceiver and a transceiver with the highest link budget in the industry, plus the ZoomingADC™ technology, which you won't want to miss for your data acquisition designs. Go to full e-Newsletter >>