Half Wave Rectifier (Power Diodes)

Semtech half wave rectifier power diodes offer non cavity, category I (cat1), double plug construction (> 1 Watt). Our half wave rectifiers are available in both axial (similar to DO-41/DO-204 and DO-35) and surface mount packages types. The (cat1) construction allows the device to operate at temperatures ranging from -65°C to +175°C, making them ideal for the demands of military, industrial and aerospace environments.

Our half wave discrete rectifiers are available in voltage ranges (blocking voltage, reverse voltage, VR) from 50 volts – 10,000 volts (10 KV). Forward current (IF) of these power diodes ranges from 100 mA – 6 A at 55°C. Switching speed (Trr) of our half wave rectifiers is available in the following categories: Standard Recovery, Fast Recovery, and Ultrafast Recovery.

We verify our device characteristics through parametric testing IR @ VR, VF @ IF, as well as environmental tests, temperature cycle, ZθJX, HTRB and power burn-in. Lead finish for the axial package style is hot solder dip (HSD). The surface mount package style end caps are solid silver and are also offered with HSD finish.

Semtech’s half wave rectifiers are listed on the Land & Maritime (DSCC, DESC) QPD (QPL). They are also qualified to JAN, JANTX (JTX), JANTXV (JTXV) and JANS quality levels and are available in bulk, tape and reel and waffle pack.

QPL Half Wave Rectifier (Power Diodes)