Zener Diode Voltage Regulators

Semtech offers, non cavity, category I, double plug construction, 1.5W & 5W, Zener diode voltage regulators.These device types are available in both axial (similar to DO-41) and surface mount packages types. The robust design & construction allows these device types to operate at temperatures ranging from - 55°C to + 175°C.

The nominal Vz of our 1.5W Zener diode voltage regulators ranges from 6.2 volts to 200 volts.  IZ(MAX) ranges from 230 mA to 7.2 mA. The nominal Vz of our 5W Zener diodes ranges from 6.8 volts to 220 volts. IZ(MAX) ranges from 700 mA to 21.6 mA.

Verification of device characteristics is accomplished by parametric testing VZ, ZZ, ZZK (ZK, ZZT) IR as well as environmental tests temperature cycle, ZθJX and power burn-in.

Lead finish for the axial package style is hot solder dip (HSD). The surface mount package style end caps are solid silver and can be ordered with HSD finish.

Our Zener diodes are listed on the Land & Maritime (DSCC, DESC) QPD (QPL) which makes them perfectly suited for industrial, medical, space, marine and military applications. This product is qualified to JAN, JANTX (JTX), JANTXV (JTXV) and JANS quality levels. These rugged device types can be ordered in bulk, tape & reel and waffle pack.

QPL Zener Diodes