Transimpedance Amplifiers

Semtech offers a portfolio of fully integrated Silicon Germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS and pure CMOS transimpedance amplifiers providing wideband, low noise pre-amplification of a current signal from a PIN photodiode or APD. Gennum’s TIAs offer best-in-class performance in limiting, linear or automatic gain control versions for use in high performance optical receivers operating from 155 Mb/s to 14.3 Gb/s.

800mW Reference Designs
Semtech provides complete reference designs for low power SFP+ LR and SR applications. The reference designs showcase Semtech’s high performance laser drivers and TIAs, and come with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.


<0.5W (SR) or <0.8W (LR)

High mask margin (Tx and Rx)

Industry leading optical input sensitivity (SR and LR)

Low BOM cost

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