EcoSpeed DC-DC Converters

EcoSpeed® DC-DC Converters - Best-in-class Performance for Dynamic Point-of-load Applications
The EcoSpeed® converter platform incorporates Semtech’s advanced, patented adaptive on-time (AOT) control architecture to deliver ultra-fast transient response and very high efficiency across light to full power loads. This unique architecture offers the benefits of conventional converter topologies with optimal tradeoffs for best-in-class performance in next-generation low-power, dynamic point-of-load (POL) applications.

EcoSpeed DC-DC converters help designers meet today’s demanding green power requirements by efficiently managing both standby and full current demands.

Ultra-fast transient response
Very high efficiency across light to full power loads
Pseudo-fixed switching frequency with ±15% accuracy
Programmable switching frequency: 200kHz to 1MHz
No external compensation components required
Power save (PSAVE maximizes light load efficiency)
SmartDrive™ technology reduces EMI
Fully protected with output OVP, UVP and short circuit protection
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EcoSpeed DC-DC Converters