LinkCharge CT
Out-of-box-ready wireless charging

LinkCharge CT Infrastructure
Wireless Charging System

Semtech's LinkCharge CT (countertop) is an out-of-box-ready infrastructure wireless charging system. It is the only available medium power (15-watt output) system that is compatible with the two major wireless charging industry standards: Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance. It is also compatible with faster charging phones for quick, wireless battery restoration.

LinkCharge CT can be mounted underneath the surface of existing furniture, counter tops, desks or other non-metallic surfaces. It can be implemented in a variety of public, enterprise and consumer settings, including commercial and residential buildings, restaurants and hotels, transportation stations and lounges, industrial environments, education facilities, and more.

Read our press release to see what a research analyst says about the increased usage of wireless charging in venues today and the expected growth into the future.

Only device with dual mode standards compatibility

LinkCharge CT is the only available device with dual mode standards compatibility with faster charging phones.

LinkCharge CT Features:

  • ◦ Supports medium power output at 15 watts
  • ◦ Compatible with both WPC and AirFuel Alliance wireless charging standards
  • ◦ Compatible with faster charging phones
  • ◦ Regulatory certified
Learn more about installing and using the Semtech wireless charging system in your venue.
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LinkCharge CT Power Supply

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